Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I'm King of the World

Or should I say Queen?

I've been playing Civilization IV on the computer for the last 2 weeks and am like totally hooked. I'm all about conquering the world and crushing the other civilizations. Heh.

At least I'm conquering something, cause the knitting is kickin' my arse, people.

I'm knitting birthday socks for DD, who turns 4 on Monday, but the party is Saturday. I'm doing a toe-up, which is really new for me. I've ripped out the toe 3 times before I had it right (my fault, not the instructions.) I'm using the Magic Cast On from Knitty (most excellent by the way), so no having to deal with short rows.

Everything is going smoothly. I follow Wendy's directions (from Wendy Knits) for the short row heel and nail it. I'm feeling confident now. I start the stockinette part of the ankle and notice that my gusset is gaping, even after adding the extra stitches between needles to fill them in. No prob. I'll just stitch them closed with some extra yarn. Continue on.

Do my 2 1/2 inches of 1x1 ribbing. Change to the lace portion of the sock for the turned down cuff. (I'm converting the Lace Cuff Anklets pattern from Favorite Socks to a toe-up version, so I am fiddling a bit.) Change my needle size for the 2x2 open ribbed lace and start knitting.

I am 5 rows into it when I drop a freaking stitch! Don't panic. I go back try to fix it and drop 4 more! Now it's an unholy mess. Fine. I'll rip back to the ribbing.

Nope. I've lost my marker for the beginning of the round.

So, I rip it back to just before I start the heel. It was the only way I could find the beg/end of my round.

I re-knit the heel, no prob and fixed the gusset gaps properly this time, thank you very much and am now finally getting to the 1x1 ribbing again. And this is just the first sock!

Think I can get sock 2 done in time and still rule the world?

Anyone know how to fold the time/space continuum?


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