Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

It's January 1, 2007, a time to look back and reflect on what I accomplished last year and what I want to accomplish this year.

2006 was the first full year of my knitting life. I started many projects. I frogged a few. And I even managed to finish some of them.

Finished Objects for 2006:

Pair of socks for DD
2 pair of socks for DS the Younger
2 pair of socks for DS the Elder
1 sweater for DH (a christmas present that he loved by the way!)
Hat and scarf for Mom
Hat and Scarf for Dad
2 matching cotton halter tops (1 for DD and 1 for my niece)
Poncho for another niece (this was crocheted, but it still counts!)
Striped tunic and hat for DD (this was my Knitting Olympics project)
Lady bug sweater for DD (this was my Knitting World Cup project)
OU Stocking Hat (My design.)
2 sets of Tiger hats and socks for my twin nephews
2 pumpkin hats for my twin nephews
2 baby hats and 2 pairs of baby socks
Sweater for DS the Younger
Lady bug short set for DD
Jumper for DD
Kitty and checks summer onesie for niece
Cotton cardigan for DD
Black and white houndstooth poncho for ME!
Baby bumblebee bootie socks for sister-in-law's new nephew
Strawberry Shortcake doll for DD (this was crocheted too, but it still counts!)
Head band and fingerless Fetching mitts
Sweater jacket for a little girl (I designed this myself.)
Long stocking hat for DS the Younger
1 sock for DD
1 sock for ME!

Hmm, I've knit quite a bit for DD. Of course she's small and her projects do go quicker (and they're cuter too.)

I have some unfinished projects that I need to finish up this month:

1 sock for ME
1 sock for DD
Pirate sweater for DS the Elder (All I need to do is seam the darn thing, but I hate seaming. Next time the boy is getting a one piece raglan from the top down!)
My first lace shawl
2 Baby cardigans (I'm designing these myself.)
Tote bag
DH's Aran sweater
Yellow cotton sweater for DD (Again, a seaming issue.)
Dragon scarf
Purple tank top for ME
and finally, Rachelle's birthday socks so that she will stop bugging me! LOL LOL LOL

I have lots of projects I want to do this year. I also plan on trying to knit exclusively from my stash a la Wendy of (Of course, sock yarn and any yarn purchased to use for a gift knit doesn't count.) I also vow to knit my hubby a complete pair of socks!

I would also like to do a bit more designing and get the stash organized. I also want to update the blog a little more frequently than I did this year. And just maybe, maybe, knit a little something for me:

Finally, a picture of a little something I finished a few months ago but never showed:

DD in her Tater's Cotton Cardi from Marie Grace's blog

It was a joy to knit and very quick. I used Sinfonia mercerized cotton yarn in Turquoise. I knit it a size larger because I wasn't sure how much it would shrink when washed. It didn't so she should get a couple of years wear out of it. The only change I made was I crocheted the ties instead of knitting them.

Happy New Knitting Year Everyone!
May your stash be plentiful and your gauge spot on!


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Anonymous said...

WOW, that's a lot of projects!! That's awesome that you got DH's sweater done. I didn't manage to finish Greg's....
DD looks great in her sweater! What a cutie.