Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Speed Knitting: A Recipe for Disaster

I've learned something about myself since I started knitting less than a year ago. I do not work well under pressure.

This weekend was my 1 year-old niece's birthday party. I already had a baby doll to give her, but I also wanted to make something for my niece to wear. I started a dress, but was not liking how it was turning out, so I scratched that. Then, I was browsing thru a magazine that I bought off of eBay and found the perfect thing--a jumpsuit with a kitty stitched on the chest.

It's cute and girly, something my very petite niece can wear and still crawl around on the floor in. So I started it on Friday afternoon. The party was on Sunday at 6 pm.

The backside I knitted up without a hitch. "Cool," I thought. "I'm making good time. I'll get this finished no problem." Then I started the front, and the knitting gods struck me down.

I forgot to change needle size when I was supposed to and had to rip one whole leg and re-knit it. I forgot to decrease when I was supposed to and had to rip back a few rows. Needless to say, this was as far as I got by Sunday at 6 pm.

::sigh:: I should finish it up by Thursday and will get it to her then.

On a happier note, I got some new sock yarn in the mail on Friday! Regia Black and Gold Nations Colorway. Enough to knit up a couple of golf club covers for my Dad's birthday in August (he's a graduate of the University of Iowa, who's colors just happen to be...black and gold.) And, also, to knit some new socks for my DS the Elder to wear on Black and Gold days at school during football season.

See...I already started the golf club covers.

Finally, I started on the baby presents for my next door neighbor's twin girls that are due in 7 weeks. One down, three to go.

Later daze,

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