Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Of Ladybugs, Pirates, Cupcakes and Other Things

Finally, I got DD to pose in her new sweater, which is actually a Xmas present for her this year. (Hey, she's 3. She's not going to remember.)

It was a near thing finishing this up in time as this was my KWC project. I watched/listened to the final game. I was rooting for Italy (Viva Italia!) but as I was down to the wire, I was cheering for a tie and OT. As I was seaming up the last arm, I was cheering for PKs (that's penalty kicks for all you non-Soccer fans out there.) I got my wish!

And as you can tell by the smile on her face, the sweater is a definite hit!

I started this after the sweater:

Yep, matching socks! As modeled by DD's foot:

I'm going to have to futz with them a bit more. I'm not happy with the ladybug band. It's tighter than the rest of the sock, and if DD's foot grows between now and Xmas (and you know it will) she won't be able to get her foot in them. Colorwork doesn't have as much stretch, so I'm going to have to add a few stitches. Which is fine cause I'm not liking the repeat in the pattern. So I will cast on for a new one and put this one on a holder. But these will have to wait a bit unti I finish this....

Since I blogged last, I have been working on DS the Elder's birthday present (due August 11), the Jolly Roger Sweater from the Knit.1 Spring issue. When I last wrote about it, it had been banished to the naughty basket.

Well, I've made definite progress on it, and I figured out how to do intarsia in the round. I've just split the front and back off to make the armholes.

DS the Elder knows I'm making this, as I have to try it on him to make sure the fit is good. I am using WoolEase Chunky, in the Black, instead of T&Q as called for in the pattern. I made the gauge smaller so that the Large size of the pattern fits him perfectly. (He likes his sweaters big and roomy.) I am however using, T&Q for the skull and crossbones motif to make it pop more.

And here is my Homework project for Knit Wit night all done:

It's a cupcake from the book, One Skein. I used pastel-colored brads for the decorations on the "frosting" part. According to Rachelle, she got them from the scrapbooking section of one of the local craft stores. Quick and easy, and no sewing! (And as you all know, I'm all about the Quick and Easy!)

Finally, I got an early anniverary prezzie from DH yesterday! The UPS man dropped this off yesterday morning:

I had to wait until DH got home from work to open it. (He couldn't wait 2 weeks to see my reaction.) And this was inside!

Yes, dear readers, that is an Apple i-Pod Shuffle! I am now firmly launched into the 21st century! Of course, I have no idea how to download songs onto it. The TechnoTech (aka DH) had to do that for me. Did he show me how he did it? No, but that's okay. It makes hime feel useful. (Though he is slightly appalled that he has an Apple product in his home. But hey, he won it in a contest, and he's never one to pass up the free stuff!)

Now the only question is: do I need to knit a cozy/carrier for this?


twosticksandstring said...

Gotcha! What's next, hmmm.....a Mac I see in your future! Woo hoo!

Knitted Zebra said...

Whooo hooo! The lady bug sweater looks great!! That was fun watching the progress at our Tuesday nights sit 'n stitch at Panera. The socks are going to be wonderful too! DD will be stylin'!!

Congrats on the ipod!! Have you located a lot of knitting podcasts yet?

Kat said...

Wow, that is one AWESOME-looking sweater!!! I just love all those little ladybugs. The skull one is great, too, perfect for a guy. :-)

Congrats on the I-Pod, and I won't think any less of you for going to the dark side of the computing world. LOL!!! Just kidding!

And heck yeah, you NEED to knit a cozy for it. You MUST. It's imperative. I think it's written in stone: "All knitters with I-Pods must make knitted cozies for said I-Pods or the knitting police will have to confiscate said I-Pod and give to some knitter who has, for some odd reason, made an I-Pod cover but has no I-Pod." Hmm, I guess I'd better go make a cover even though I don't have an I-Pod. Yet. (Really, I'm KIDDING!!! I have no idea what I'd do with an I-Pod.)

I'm going to sulk now because I didn't get a chance to come over and see what you were working on at Panera. We've got to do a table shuffle halfway through or something, because I always miss talking to someone (and tonight it was you) and seeing everyone's projects!