Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Let's Swatch Again Like We Did Last Summer....

Look at me, all swatch makin' and stuff.

Frogged the stripes swatch from last post cuz I didn't like the way the colors were flowing, or not flowing, as the case may be. So, I decided to try the argyle scarf pattern from the Spring 2006 issue of knit.1.

Tried it in 2 different color configurations and decided to go with the second one, because it puts more crimson in the pattern and butts it right against the cream. Later, the lines that run thru the argyle pattern will be duplicate stitched on with black yarn. I think it will make a very stylin' scarf for someone this Christmas (No names have been used to protect the innocent and not spoil the surprise.)

And oooh, look at the back! So pretty! If the rest of it continues to look this good, I may skip the whole lining the back with a coordinating fabric idea that I was contemplating.

Have made good progress on some "bootiful" socks for me, from this... this.

No updates on my KWC project. I discovered that I can't chat with the gals at Sit N Stitch and do colorwork at the same time. I need projects that I don't have to think about, like the above sock, while I'm flappin' my gums.

Peace out,

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