Sunday, May 21, 2006

Off to Disney World!

Yep, going to the Magic Kingdom and I may never come back! LOL

Will be taking knitting with me and holding myself to only 4 projects (2 for the plane; 2 for the hotel.) Quite pleased that I was able to do that as I have severe knitter's/crocheter's/stitcher's ADD. Don't even begin to ask me how many UFOs I have hanging around my house. I'm afraid to count.

Sigh.... Guess I'll be organizing and prioritizing projects when I get back from VayKay.

Anywho, I promise to take lots of pixs for the blog, cause I'm seriously thinking about joining The Amazing Lace. So expect sock/shawl pixs as well as some FO's (stopping laughing guys, I do on occasion finish something) on the blog when I get home as I will not have a way to upload them on the road

TTFN! (in honor of the Mouse)



AprilBrokenA said...

Join Amazing lace with me! Come on!

twosticksandstring said...

We all miss you and hope you are having fun and teaching as many people as you possibly can how to knit while you're on vacation. See you when you get back!