Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Still No Pictures

Still haven't figured out this whole blogging thing yet. But I'm getting close. So pictures tomorrow. Would do it now, but someone, who shall remain nameless (DH), took the digital with him to work today. Wish I'd known this before I spent 15 minutes looking for the dang thing.

I'll be showing off my World Cup Knitting project, a kicky little pullover sweater for my DD. Though I am seriously thinking about frogging it and starting over. I'm doing fair isle, and it has pulled some and won't lay flat. It's the perfectionist in me. I want it to look like the pic in the magazine dang it! Also, I tried it on DD and it seems it may get a little snug before winter if she decides to grow. May have to go up a size for the width, though the length is perfect. If all else fails, I'll strap bricks to DD head and try to supress any growth spurts. ::sigh::

I'll also show you the sweater I'm kniting for DS the Eldest. It's supposed to be knitted in 2 pieces, but I am knitting it in the round. Now, I just have to figure out how to do intarsia on circular needles. A small problem I did not forsee before I had half the body knitted up. I see some serious frogging in my future. ::double sigh::

And finally, I will show off the dress I'm making for my niece, who is turning one next week. I knitted 12 month size because she is so petite and this is a summer dress, but I keep looking at it and wondering if I'm making it too small. Then I remind myself that I'm just used to looking at my 3 year-old. ::triple sigh::

Oh yeah, I'll post pictures of the Bumblebee booties/socks from last post.

Life in general is pretty good.

Did Day Camp with DS the Younger last week and will have knitting pictures to show you from that adventure.

Thought I broke my toe while cleaning the Master bathroom, but only bruised it really bad. (This is a perfect example of why one should knit instead of doing housework...it's less hazardous. Unless of course you sit on one of your metal DPN that you stuck in your back pocket when you got up to answer the phone and forgot about when you returned to your knitting chair...and it just gets butt ugly from there.)

Had no Internet access for almost 48 hours because some dumb workman next door cut our phone line while installing the neighbor's new privacy fence. I had the DT's something awful. The shaking, the sweats, the nervous eye and finger ticks. What could I do? I knit. And that's why, ladies and gentlemen, I named the blog what I did. Because everything I worked on in the last 48 hours, me thinks I'm gonna have to FROG cuz it just looks like horse pucky.

::Quadruple sigh::

Peace out,

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